Eye To Eye, Belgrade, Radio-televizija Vojvodine, Novi Sad

film suported by: Ministry of Culture RS i Film Center Serbia

directing: Ivan Živković
screenplay: Uglješa Šajtinac, Dejan Nikolaj Kraljačić
director of photography: Vladan Pavić
editing: Marko Glušac, Dejan Urošević
art direction: Nenad Paranosić
music: Irina Dečermić
costume: Lara Milanović
actors: Goran Šušljik, Nebojša Glogovac, Vojin Ćetković, Josif Tatić, Damjan Kecojević, Susana Lukić, Jelisaveta Seka Sablić, Predrag Miki Manojlović
duration: 95 min (2700 m)
format: 35 mm
category: feature film
genre: drama
premiere: 05.07.2007.

The film takes place in a small town in Serbia. The protagonist, Rasha, is thirty, lives with his alcoholic father and tries to make ends meet by giving lessons and hosting a program on the local radio. His neighbor Ivan had a history of psychotic episodes and involvement in occult groups, prior to having been baptized. Rasha?s teenage student Milla is attractive and straightforward. She is Rasha?s new lover. Doole unsuccessfully tries to appear as a yuppie.
The monotony of their lives is interrupted by the arrival of Igor, who has lived in Huddersfield since the beginning of the 1990s. They all get together one evening, and what begins as a cheerful high school reunion turns into an emotional roller coaster of reminiscing and grim soul searching. The ominous mark that the final decade of the 20th century has left on the entire generation is revealed, as well as the answer to the question: do they have the strength to move on?


Born in Belgrade in 1970. After graduating in Film and TV Directing from the Belgrade Faculty of Dramatic Arts, in 1998, he worked as an assistant director on several films in Serbia. He continued his education at the prestigious American Film Institute in Los Angeles where he graduated with the award winning short film Remote control in 2001. Film participated at over 30 festivals throughout the world, won several awards and was nominated for the Student Oscar in 2002.
Živković works as a TV series and TV advertising director. He also worked as a second unit director on several films (Wounds 1998, Sin 2001, Gucha! 2006). Huddersfield is the first feature film he is directing.


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