Biberche Production, Belgrade / Balkan Film, Banja Luka / Maxima Film, Zagreb / Tivoli Films, Budapest

film suported by: Ministry of Culture RS i Film Center Serbia

directing: Dejan Zečević
screenplay: Djordje Milosavljević
director of photography: Dušan Joksimović
editing: Marko Glušac
art direction: Zorana Petrov
music: Nemanja Mosurović
costume: Lana Pavlović
actors: Aleksandar Stojković, Vuk Kostić, Tihomir Stanić, Marija Pikić, Ljubomir Bandović, Slavko Štimac, Dragan Marinković, Goran Jokić, Stefan Bundalo, Vladimir Đorđević, Duško Mazalica
duration: 109 min (3000 m)
format: 35 mm
category: feature film
genre: drama
premiere: 06.02.2011.

Bosnia, 1995, the 7th day of peace. The engineer unit is engaged in clearing mine fields on the border between the parties at war. Each of the soldiers carries his own burden of war experiences and traumas. Some of them are prone to self-destruction, the others are happy to be alive; some become catatonic after what they had been through; some returned to prays, some are making jokes and laughing even indecently; some are dreaming only about getting back to their families. While some of them, with hands stained in blood and war pray, try to hide themselves.

Just like at the very beginning of the civil war that has just come to its ends, a spark of madness will suffice to start the "perpetuum mobile" of conflicts and violence between the friends.

Dejan Zečević
Born in Belgrade in 1972. Received his BA in Film and TV directing at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. Made four feature films, several short films, a story in an omnibus, a TV film and several TV series. His films were screened at many international festivals, and the all domestic. He won many awards at domestic film festivals and some at the interantional.

Filmography: The Fourth Man (2007), Little Night Music (2002), T.T Syndrome (2002), Buy Me an a Eliot (1998), Boy from Junkovac (1996), Package deal (1995), Necrofilm (1993).

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