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Marko Grujić, Zaječar

directing: Marko Grujić
director of photography: Sreten Samardžić, Dalibor Todorović, Marko Grujić
editing: Marko Grujić
art direction: Bojan Janković, Marko Grujić
music: Zlatni Prsti
actors: Momčilo Radenković, Dragan Trajković, Slobodan Radenković, Dragan Batalo, Dušan Maslac, Jovan Nikolić, Branko Grujić
duration: 68 min
format: HD, DVD
category: feature documentary film
premiere: 09.08.2012.

"Bullseye" is a film about the most famous band from the small town. When Rock and Roll was the mainstream music genre in ex-Yugoslavia, Zajecar had a Guitar Fest and Zlatni Prsti. Many people don't know this, but there's an equal sign that stands between them. This is because Zlatni Prsti are the main perpetrators for the creation of the longest running festival of that type in Europe. Zlatni Prsti is one of the few bands from the seventies that managed to bridge over a provincial wall and climb the top lists around the country. Alongside their success, in the film members of the band also talk about their less fortunate side of the musical career. They talk about things like missing the opportunity to sign the contract with Jugoton label, unrealized collaboration with Bora Djordjevic, change of the band's name to Nokaut and many others.

Born in 1988 in Zaječar, Serbia. In 2001, he moved to United States and continued his schooling. While in high school, discovered a new passion for filmmaking. He started filming short films in which he won awards for at the Von Steuben Film Festival in Chicago. Encouraged by the recent happenings, he decided to enroll Columbia College Chicago for Film Directing in 2008.

Marko Grujić
Triglavska 3
19 000 Zaječar

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