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Malagurski Cinema, Canada-Srbija

directing: Boris Malagurski
screenplay: Boris Malagurski
director of photography: Boris Malagurski, Marko Janković, Anastasija Trofimova,Vanja Tubin, Filip Vukadinović, Goran Mihajlović
animation: Rob Hunt, David Lam
editing: Boris Malagurski, Marko Janković, Anastasija Trofimova
music: Novo Sekulović,Kevin McLeod
actors: Michael, Chossudovsky, John Perkins, Vlade Divac, James Bissett, Scott Taylor, Lewis Macenzie, Branislav Lečić
duration: 124 min
category: feature documentary film
premiere: 2010

A 2010 documentary film directed by Boris Malagurski, which argues that the breakup of Yugoslavia was orchestrated by Western powers. U.S. interests in Yugoslavia promoted a market-oriented Yugoslav economic structure through the National Endowment for Democracy, and the G17 Plus as part of a policy of privatization through liquidation which increased ethnic tensions in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Western nations supported separatist groups and encouraged conflict so that NATO could be installed as peacekeepers for their own interests. In the aftermath, the policies of the IMF and World Bank further demonstrated that Eastern European states were only seen as markets for Western goods and sources of cheap labor. The film also presents positive stories from the war - people helping each other regardless of their ethnicity, thus sending a powerful message of peace in the former Yugoslavia.

Boris Malagurski is a Serbian-Canadian film director, producer, writer, television host and activist. His films include "Kosovo: Can You Imagine?" (2008), "The Weight of Chains" (2010), "The Presumption of Justice" (2012), "Belgrade" (2013) and "The Weight of Chains 2" (2014), and his work has been screened on festivals worldwide, including the Raindance Film Festival in London, UK, BANEFF in Stockholm, Sweden and Oslo, Norway, Montecasino Film Festival in Johannesburg, South Africa, Subversive Festival in Zagreb, New Latin American Cinema in Havana, Cuba, Ann Arbor Docu Fest in Ann Arbor, United States, BridgeFest in East Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and BELDOCS in Belgrade, in cinemas across Australia, Canada, US, Serbia, Slovenia, Germany, Austria, etc., at prestigious venues such as the Swedish Film Institute in Stockholm and the National Museum of Culture in Mexico City, Mexico, and broadcast on TV channels worldwide, including RT, Eurochannel, RTS, RTRS and RTV BN.

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